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MDHL Los Angeles

MDHL Los Angeles

MDHL Los Angeles

This group will serve as the center point for announcements of meetings and events for the MDHL Los Angeles Chapter.

This group is for anyone interested in exploring, discussing, supporting and participating in the MDHL dynamic. This group is about MDHL community building in the Greater Los Angeles area. Singles, couples, M/s, D/s, and undecideds are all welcome.

Starting April 13, 2013, there will be a monthly meeting of the MDHL Los Angeles Chapter, every 2nd Saturday of every month, at the World Famous Lair de Sade, starting at 5PM

In exploring the tenets of MDHL we are committed to initiating discussions around the history, meaning, and what it means to practice a leather lifestyle as heterosexual Dominant men and submissive women, beginning with identifying four key principles: Honor, Integrity, Tradition, and Respect.

By committing to and holding these beliefs, MDHL can continue to evolve in productive directions, focusing on connected, mutually gratifying relationships and establishing standards for honor, integrity, tradition and respect that will allow us, as individuals and as a community, to grow and flourish.

MDHL is an acronym that stands for Male Dominant Heterosexual Leather and is the shortened form of MDHL-fs which also recognizes the critical role of female submissives and slaves in this relationship based dynamic.

MDHL-fs is for anyone (top, bottom, Dominant, submissives, Master, slave, etc.) who identifies as being interested in (though not necessarily currently involved in) a Male Dominant/Female submissive power or authority exchange relationship.

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